Add a spark to your employee benefits with salary sacrifice

Our electric car salary sacrifice scheme supports your sustainability targets and helps your employees make the switch to electric in a cost-efficient way.

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Employees can save up to 40% on the cost of an electric car  lease.

Why choose a salary sacrifice scheme from ElectriX?

We’ve created an attractive salary sacrifice scheme designed to benefit both employers and employees. Your team will love our all-inclusive electric car options with no upfront costs - saving them thousands. And to safeguard your business, the most flexible range of risk protection options in the UK should people leave. 

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Salary Sacrifice Scheme benefits at a glance

Easy to manage

Free to set up
Light touch administration
Fully supported
Monthly reporting


You decide who can access the scheme
No employee credit checks
Wide range of electric cars
Many cars available within 30 days


New electric cars at the lowest prices
Motor insurance
Optional home charger
All routine servicing, maintenance & tyres

Company benefits at a glance

Reduce your national insurance contributions

Reduced taxable salaries mean you could reduce the employer’s National Insurance Contributions by up to 13.8% of the salary reduction.

Retain and attract employees

By providing an attractive, tangible employee benefit you’ll be able to retain and appeal to your talent pool.

Support sustainability targets

Salary sacrifice helps deliver against your sustainability targets by providing access to zero emission cars.

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We’re passionate about the switch to electric and salary sacrifice is a great way for your organisation to be part of an electric future.
Benefits of a salary sacrifice scheme