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Electric car salary sacrifice. Retain and attract talent with EV salary sacrifice

Electric car salary sacrifice combines the two things today’s employees care about – saving money and helping the environment.

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How electric car salary sacrifice benefits your company

EV salary sacrifice benefits employers by improving employee satisfaction, reducing costs and enhancing corporate social responsibility efforts.

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Reduce your national insurance contributions

Do you know that a company car scheme can help cut your employer’s national insurance contributions (NICs) by around 13,8% and allow you to claim capital allowances that reduce taxable profits?

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Retain and attract employees to your business

77% of employees are more likely to stay with a company with a comprehensive benefits package (Gitnux, 2023). EV salary scheme is now becoming a substantial part of the benefits package when it comes to recruiting new staff.

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Support your sustainability goals

Your business will promote a cleaner environment and lower carbon emissions by encouraging employees to switch to an electric car lease. You can drive positive change both internally and within communities with a culture of environmental protection.

Save 13.8% on the amount sacrificed by your employee!

See what savings your team could make

Tesla Model Y


All our displayed prices are designed to make it easy for your employees to get on the road in an electric car.

The prices will come with the following features already included:

  • Fully-comprehensive insurance
  • Vehicle servicing and maintenance
  • Zero up-front payment
  • Employee early termination protection



Saving upto 27%

£534 / month

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Saving upto 40%

£448 / month

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All prices shown are correct as at: 08/05/2024. Insurance is based on a single driver, born in 1972 and a BH31 postcode. Prices are subject to change based on your companies chosen scheme selection and the employees personal circumstances.
Costs displayed are the Net deductions from your salary and are based on 48 month term & 5,000 miles per year

Why choose an EV Salary Sacrifice with ElectriX

With our unique features you can customise your electric car salary sacrifice scheme to best suit your business needs:

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Early termination

What if an employee leaves? At ElectriX we’ve got you covered with flexible early termination cover which can be accessed from as little as 3 months after the lease starts and provides £25K limit of protection. The industry average is 6 months and only £10K of protection.

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Access to 750+ 

EV repair centres

Wherever you are, there’s a network of over 750 EV repair centres ready to provide expert assistance. Our extensive network ensures prompt and reliable service for all your electric vehicle maintenance needs.

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Panel funding approach

We provide businesses with access to a diverse range of cost-effective electric cars while ensuring quick lead times for procurement. Through our leasing partner CBVC, employers can access different finance sources and solutions, to maximise stock availability and cost-efficiency when acquiring a fleet.

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Ongoing support
for enrolled employees

Enrolled employees receive continuous support tailored to their electric vehicle journey. They can access the purpose built driver app designed to support their EV experience, along with dedicated charger support and a 24-hour helpline for emergency breakdown assistance.

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Vehicle reallocation
across businesses

If a salary sacrifice car is returned, you can reallocate it to another employee to keep costs down. Our flexible approach ensures that your fleet remains agile and responsive to changing demands.

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Flexible NI
contribution savings

Based on your risk appetite you get to choose whether to keep any National Insurance (NI) savings or return them to the employee. The more employees that join the Salary Sacrifice scheme the more your organisation could save.

How EV salary sacrifice works at ElectriX

In 3 simple steps, ElectriX makes it simple for employers to provide one of the most flexible EV salary sacrifice schemes on the market.

The EV salary sacrifice scheme at Electrix works through 3 steps: Complete the online form - customise the scheme - promote the scheme.
The EV salary sacrifice scheme at Electrix works through 3 steps: Complete the online form - customise the scheme - promote the scheme.

Are you ready to transform your business?

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Frequently asked questions about EV salary sacrifice

Nothing. The electric car scheme is free to run and has no administration charges. There are no upfront costs to you or your employees.

EV salary sacrifice benefits including helping employees save money, which makes it very popular. Helping the environment is also another benefit. We’ll provide you a questionnaire to give to the team to see whether they’re interested in the scheme. We’ll even evaluate and report the answers.

Yes, 100%. We’ll actively promote all the advantages of the scheme and furnish you with a variety of marketing materials to enhance awareness for your team.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to set up your electric car salary sacrifice scheme quickly. Plus, many cars are available in as little as 30 days, ensuring minimal wait times for your employees.

No, it’s very easy to run a scheme with only light touch administration.

The popularity of the programme may be determined by tracking participation rates and focusing on any improvements in staff engagement or morale. We can provide reports to help you monitor the success of the EV salary scheme in your business.


Want to know even more about our electric car salary sacrifice scheme?

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