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Help save money and carbon emissions with EV Salary Sacrifice

Companies can help their employees save up to 40% on a brand-new electric car lease. Join our EV salary sacrifice scheme to help keep your team happy and boost your own organisation’s sustainability targets.

What is a salary sacrifice electric car scheme?

In an Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme, an employer leases an electric car on behalf of an employee. The employee agrees to surrender a portion of their salary equal to the monthly lease cost of the car and any extras such as insurance and a home charger.

By providing your employees with an EV salary sacrifice scheme, they can save up to 40% on an electric car lease. Employees benefit by paying less PAYE and NI in addition to the reduced exhaust emissions and running costs – an attractive company benefit.

EV salary sacrifice is cost-effective and ecologically beneficial for your organisation too. By encouraging the use of electric cars, your organisation can save money on NIC, contribute to a greener future and help align your ESG goals and targets.

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How EV salary sacrifice works at ElectriX

ElectriX is your destination for electric car salary sacrifice. Our aim is to reduce emissions by helping your employees switch to eco-friendlier vehicles through a fully customised EV salary sacrifice scheme.

The EV salary sacrifice scheme at ElectriX provides your team with access to cars from all leading manufacturers, with optional home chargers and comprehensive insurance included.

Getting started is a simple process – with free setup, expert advice, and guidance at every stage. Plus, the tailored risk approach protects your business with flexible options if people leave.

With ElectriX. Driving positive change is simple, together let’s build a sustainable future.

Getting started is easy

For employers, you can launch your EV salary sacrifice scheme with ElectriX in just 3 simple stages.

The EV salary sacrifice scheme at Electrix works through 3 steps: Complete the online form - customise the scheme - promote the scheme.
The EV salary sacrifice scheme at Electrix works through 3 steps: Complete the online form - customise the scheme - promote the scheme.

For employees, just register your interest with us and we will help you by providing information to your employer on your behalf.

What’s included with ElectriX’s EV salary sacrifice scheme?

For peace of mind and simplicity we provide all the support you’ll need to manage and run your electric car salary sacrifice scheme effortlessly.

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Access to 750+ EV repair centres

Wherever you are, there’s an extensive network of over 750 EV repair centres ready to provide expert assistance. Our repair network ensures prompt and reliable service for all your electric vehicle maintenance needs.

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Flexible NI
contribution savings

Based on your risk appetite you get to choose whether to keep National Insurance savings or return them to the employee.

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Ongoing support
for enrolled employees

Enrolled employees receive continuous support tailored to their electric vehicle journey. Employees can access a dedicated driver mobile app designed to enhance their EV experience, along with dedicated charger support and a 24-hour helpline for emergency assistance.

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Vehicle reallocation
across businesses

If a car is returned, you can reallocate it to another employee to keep the costs down. Our flexible approach ensures that your fleet remains agile and responsive to changing demands.

Are you ready to go electric?

Going electric with support through the EV salary sacrifice scheme at ElectriX is simple, starting by choosing one of the options below.

I’m a Company

Employers can save around 13.8% in employee national insurance contributions through the EV salary scheme.

I’m an Employee

Employees can save up to 40% on electric car leasing through an EV salary sacrifice scheme.


What is included in ElectriX EV salary scheme?

When an employee signs up for an EV salary sacrifice scheme, they will choose a brand-new EV that will be completely maintained for between 2 or 4 years. Employers also have the option to add fully comprehensive electric car insurance and a smart home-charger too.

What does it cost an employer to introduce a salary sacrifice scheme?

Nothing. The scheme is free to run and has no administration charges. Instead, there are lots of benefits, from saving on Employers NIC, attracting more talent, to supporting sustainability goals.

What are the other benefits of introducing an EV salary sacrifice scheme?

Having a Salary Sacrifice programme in place may help your company demonstrate its broader commitment to Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) targets. By encouraging more employees to commute in zero exhaust emission vehicles, lowering your company’s carbon footprint provides a greener and more sustainable result.

How can I get started on the scheme?

Simply complete our contact form. Our helpful staff will get in touch with you to provide more information and help you get started on your EV Salary Sacrifice journey.