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How far can an electric car go?


How far I can drive in an electric car

You might worry your electric car could run out of charge and you’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere. But the truth is many new electric cars can do more than 200 miles on a full charge. Giving you enough miles across a week to do your average daily commute (23 miles), pop to the shops and even visit your friends. And because you can charge at home overnight it means the end of the last-minute dash to the petrol station.    
Most of us don’t drive hundreds of miles a day and even when you do a cross country trek, you always need to stop and stretch your legs, and that’s the perfect chance to stick your car on charge. 

Here are five examples of how far different types of electric cars can go:

five examples of electric car range on a single charge

What about second-hand electric cars?

Even the oldest, second hand, bargain bucket electric cars do around 60-80 miles on a full charge.  
And with the average UK commute of 23 miles a day, you can juice it up overnight and get to and from work.   
If you do need to top up during the day you can stop off at a rapid charger, which you’ll find at places like motorway services, park and rides and petrol stations. You can zap it in the time it takes you to stretch your legs and get a bite to eat. 


Are electric cars a good match for me? 

Electric cars aren’t just for toddling around town or for fans of eco-friendly options. But right now, an electric car will work best for you if:   

  • you have a private drive or garage  
  • your parking is on-street, but you have access to a charging hub nearby or your local council is fitting a charge point nearby. 
  • there are charge points at a place you visit regularly, like work or the supermarket.   

There’s a make and model for just about everyone from families to sports car lovers. If you regularly tow a tonne or more, say a horse box or building materials, you’ll only find a handful of electric car options right now. Only tow occasionally?  Use an electric car to save money and hire a petrol or diesel when you need it. And keep your eye out as new vehicles are coming to market all the time.

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