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When’s the best time to charge an electric car?


Should I charge my car at night or during the day?

If you know the cheapest time to charge at home, you’ll save money. You could even earn a few quid.

Using the sun

If you have solar panels (or you’re thinking about getting them) then you have a cheap and greener way to charge. Some home charge points can work out how much extra power you’ve got coming from the panels.

And after you’ve used what you need at home, they transfer the power to your car. Clever and environmentally friendly, too.
Go on an EV-friendly energy tariff

If you have an electric car, it can be cheaper, and greener, to charge it overnight. As most people are asleep, there’s less demand for electricity. 

And being on an EV (electric vehicle) friendly tariff is often the best value when it comes to charging your car at home. Check with your energy supplier to see if you’re getting the best deal.

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Time for midnight

If you wait until midnight to charge, it’s better for the environment, and often cheaper for you too.

If it’s a windy night, you might even be paid to charge your car, because there’s an excess of renewable energy on the system (generated by wind turbines). It’s worth checking if you can take advantage of this with your energy supplier.

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Is an electric car
right for me?

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