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Plug-in to a £350 grant for your electric car charger.


To really enjoy the savings and convenience of driving an electric car, home charging is the way to go. But what happens if you are one of the estimated 40% of UK households who have either no access to a driveway or are in rental accommodation?

We’ve got some good news for you. Depending on your eligibility, you could take advantage of the latest electric vehicle charging technology and a £350 Government charge point grant. Introduced in April 2022, the grant provides up to a maximum of 75% off the cost of purchasing and installing your own cross-pavement charging solution. But don’t hang around because the grant is reported to end on 31st March 2025.

Eligibility criteria for EV Charger Grant:

  • You are a UK resident
  • You own and live in a flat
  • You rent a residential property, (Shared Ownership Scheme properties included)
  • You drive an eligible battery-powered or electric vehicle (even if it is leased or a company car)
  • Your home has its own private off-street parking space which may be co-located with the property such as an apartment courtyard or separated away, but this must be designated solely for your use at all times
block of flats

You won’t be eligible if:

  • You have already applied for the grant or one of its predecessors
  • Are moving house or planning to move
  • Want a new electric car charge point (even if your current one is not compatible)
  • Want to move an existing electric car charge point to a new property
  • Live in a house that you own (only flats owners are eligible)

What is a cross-pavement charging solution?

A cross-pavement charging solution is a purpose-built channel installed in the pavement outside your home, this solution ensures that residents who don’t have access to a driveway are still able to own and charge an electric vehicle at home. It contains an electric vehicle charging cable that you can use to charge your electric car from the roadside.

The channel is designed to sit flush with the pavement to minimise the risk of injury to pedestrians, it should always be sourced from and installed by a professional to ensure its safety.

Why is the UK Government offering this electric car charger grant?

In 2023 electric vehicles accounted for 16% of the UK new car market, while there are now over 750,000 fully electric cars on the nation’s streets. This is why the UK Government is committed to speeding up the installation of electric vehicle charge points through a £381 million Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) council fund.

In February 2024, payments to 44 councils had been approved, delivering thousands of additional charge points across England.

How do I apply for the electric car charger grant?

To apply for your own £350 Charge Point Grant, you should:

  1. First contact an OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles) approved installer.

Find a list of your nearest installers on the Government’s own website and simply enter your postcode for details.

  • Ask them to start a claim on your behalf.

If you’re happy with their quote, begin your order. They’ll send you an email with a link to an online form.

  • Complete and return the email to confirm your eligibility.

You’ll need to fill in the online form with your details. Once your eligibility has been approved, your installer will claim the grant on your behalf.

  • Check your final invoice.

Make sure your installation invoice clearly shows the total cost, minus the grant amount.

Are there any other solutions for charging my electric car without a driveway?

There are plenty of other places you can charge your electric car. In February 2024, there were over 53,000 public electric vehicle charge points in the UK, from Lands End to John O’Groats. While you will have to pay to use the great majority of these, there are still places where you can charge your electric car for free. Many workplaces now offer free electric vehicle charging for employees, while some public car parks, supermarkets and retail parks also provide this service.

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