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Is leasing right for me?

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Is leasing an electric car your best option?

There’s no right answer. It’s all about you, your circumstances and what you want from your new set of wheels. 

But leasing is a popular choice, with more than 1.6 million leased cars on the road in the UK (as of May 2023). It’s a great fit for electric cars. 

Leasing an electric car means:

Fixed monthly payments

No need to worry about depreciation and resale value

Easy to change to a car with newer tech at the end of your contract

Lease a car

How does leasing work?  

It’s straightforward, and you can do everything online with us and leasing experts CBVC.

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How do different lease types work?

There are three main ways you can lease an electric car:

Personal contract hire (or PCH) is a long-term rental. It’s a good choice if you don’t want to buy the car at the end of your contract.

Business contract hire (or BCH) is very popular with businesses. It works just like personal contract hire but it’s only available for companies.

Personal contract purchase (or PCP) is a type of lease that gives you the option to give the car back at the end of your contract or buy it outright. 

QuestionPersonal contract Hire
Personal Contract
Purchase (PCP)
Business Contract Hire
Will I need a deposit? Yes Sometimes Yes
Is there a balloon payment
at the end?
You return the car
If you buy the car
You return the car
Will I own the car at the end ? No
The car’s collected
If you buy the car
The car’s collected
Who’s contracting the lease? You You Your business
Available through ElectriX ? Yes No Yes

Is leasing right for you? Check the details below and read our leasing FAQs.

Got a electric car question?

Find answers to the common questions people ask about choosing, leasing and driving an electric car.

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