How does your driving affect how far you can go?

If I drive quickly will my car run out of charge? 

How you drive affects the miles your electric car can do. Let’s break it down. 

How fast you drive 

Driving quickly doesn’t mean driving fewer miles. So, while driving along the motorway in the fast lane might get you there quicker, you’ll also need to visit a charge point sooner. 
If you have an older electric car that does fewer miles on a full charge, then you’ll go further by flicking the speed limiter to 60mph on the motorway. You can creep up to 70mph in newer electric cars because they can do 200 or so miles. 

How you brake  

Use your brakes properly and you’ll save money and travel further.  
When you brake, electric cars cleverly recycle power back into the battery, this is called regenerative braking. As soon as you ease your foot off the accelerator, you’ll feel the car slow much quicker than a petrol or diesel.  
You don’t need to stamp on the footbrake because the car helps you slow down. So, let it roll to almost a stop at traffic lights. There’s no need for aggressive braking, you’ll be rewarded with more miles and your brake pads will last longer. 

What the weather’s doing?  

Electric cars usually do fewer miles in cold weather and like all cars you’re more likely to have a breakdown in winter. But it’s not a big problem - just ask the Norwegians, who own the most electric cars (per person) in the world.  
Here are a couple of top winter tips:  

  1. Set your car to finish charging just before you head out so the battery’s nice and warm, you’ll get more miles that way. 
  2. Defrost and heat your car while it’s plugged in - something you can do from the warmth of your bed using a smartphone app. No more scurrying around for something to use as an ice scraper and starting your day as an ice block.  

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