I like the idea of an electric car - where do I start?

Step 1 – Where will you charge? 

Let's start by thinking about where you can charge an electric car; we know that's what most people worry about when thinking of going electric. 

If you have a drive or garage at home it does make life easier, because you can have a home charge point installed. That’s the fastest, cheapest and safest way to charge. 

If you don’t have the option to charge at home, find out where your nearest public charge point is located. This might mean an on-street charge point (lots of local councils have installed them), a trip to your local supermarket, petrol station or public car park, or charging your car at work. You can track down one of the 42,000 (May 2023) or so public charge points across the UK using our charge point map.

Step 2 - Where do you drive to and how often?

Now let’s think about your daily commute and how many people you need to fit into your car.

The average UK round-trip commute is under 30 miles. That’s easily within the travelling range of any electric car, even the oldest second-hand models run for 60-80 miles on a full charge. If you often drive longer distances, look for an electric car with a more powerful battery. Most new models do over 200 miles on a full charge. 

Like petrol or diesel vehicles, most electric cars comfortably seat 4 people –  5 at a squeeze. But what if you need something bigger? Until recently, you had just a few pricey electric cars to choose from. But that’s slowly changing with cars on the market with six, seven or more seats. The Citroen ë-Spacetourer can almost fit a football team in.  

Step 3 – What’s your budget?

EVs can be leased from CBVC, our leasing partner from as little as £260 a month with some models available within 30 days - view our range of electric cars to lease.

Some workplaces offer electric car salary sacrifice schemes, where the money for the lease is taken at source from your gross salary, resulting in you paying less tax each month. You can talk to us about salary sacrifice too.

Is an electric car right for me?

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