Do breakdown services cover electric cars?

Can I get roadside assistance if I drive electric?  

Yes. All the main breakdown services cover electric cars and more and more local garages can help out too.  

What if I have an accident?

Electric cars have fewer moving parts, so tend to break down less than petrol and diesel cars. If the worst happens and you do break down or have an accident, someone like the AA, RAC or Britannia Rescue can pick you up on a flatbed truck.

If you have an accident always contact your insurer first, as you might have free recovery under your policy. If you're comprehensively insured with Flow you do.

What if I run out of charge?

If you’ve run out of charge most will take you to the nearest charge point. Some, like LV=’s Britannia Rescue even have a big battery in their van to give you a zap and get you on your way. 

But it’s not likely to happen because electric cars, just like petrol or diesel, warn you miles before you run out of juice.

And that’s plenty of time to find one of 38,000 or more public charge points around the UK (as of March 2023).  

Looking for super-charged breakdown cover?

LV='s Breakdown cover will keep you moving. We'll recharge your battery mid-journey, or take you to a nearby garage if a roadside fix isn't possible.
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