All it takes is one electric car test drive


Canadian advertising writer Anna Bolton tells us why just one drive in an electric car made her a convert. 

"It was when my previous car was being serviced, and the man from the dealership was giving me a lift in their courtesy shuttle, that I suddenly focused on the car we were in. The ride was incredible – smoother than anything I’d ever experienced before. I checked with the salesman and found that it was an electric car. The poor man spent the rest of the trip giving me his best sales pitch, but I wasn’t really listening. I knew this was the sort of car for me."

"He kept trying to ‘sell’ the car to me – but just riding in it was enough.(Anna Bolton, 2022)

So he didn’t add anything extra to convince you?

"Well, he did list a lot of the safety features, which I must admit were very impressive, especially as I mainly use the car to ferry the kids around. 

Then I went home and looked at the environmental benefits. Then I called the dealership. 

Luckily they had just one model, a Kia Soul, left in stock, so I snapped it up. It must have been their easiest sale ever.

Surely you had a few questions? Maybe just one?

Well, I did want to know about charging and I knew I had to get a charger installed soon. But when I realised I could start charging right away on a normal socket, that was it.

How did your first drive go?

Well, as I said, I normally take no pleasure in cars. But this was fun. 

I was surprised at how zippy it was, and how much power it had. That made me a little tentative at first, but now I’ve got used to it and it’s great.

I also absolutely love how quiet it is. Roaring engines just don’t do it for me.  

How about the family? Do they approve of your choice?

Well, my partner likes it so much that he just sold his (petrol) car, and now we share mine.

And the kids really enjoy the 'gamification' element. The car’s display tells you how you’re driving, and they love to keep an eye on me. I get shouts from the back "Hey, Mum, you’re 2% aggressive now."

Speaking of the kids, that’s another reason why I’m so happy with my choice. 

I feel released from some of the environmental guilt of my generation. I want my kids to remember me making less conventional decisions about the technology I invest in… and know I’ve done it for their future. I must admit that I also feel quite good when the other parents see me driving up in my electric car. For someone who’s never bought a car they were proud of before, I now hope that people see my green license plate.

What would you say to anyone else considering an electric car?

"Well, one of my friends (who has a BMW) came for a ride with me. Afterwards, she said "This is the next car we have to have. This is the future!" I think that’s a pretty good testimonial." (Anna Bolton, 2022)

There’s one other selling point that might only be of interest to people living in Canada, but it’s a big one for me. For eight months of the year here, it’s cold and horrible filling your car at a petrol station. I’m never going to have to do that again. Truly, I would never go back to any other kind of car. It’s fabulous. It’s perfect for our needs."

Anna Bolton is the founder of Conversion Copy Co, a sales copywriting firm for B2C e-commerce brands.