Episode 1: Going the extra mile


Thinking about going electric? Grace McIntosh finds out if electric cars can really go the extra mile.

ElectriX and LV= General Insurance have hit the road together to create three insightful videos about electric vehicles and the first-hand experience of some of the people that drive them.

Grace McIntosh meets three “Electric Personalities” and gets the lowdown on why they made the switch, what they love about their electric vehicles (EVs) and what advice they’d give to anyone thinking about going electric.

In the first episode, Grace talks to Marie who’s owned her electric campervan for over three years. Grace discovers why Marie is so passionate about the power of EVs, what she likes most about her campervan and where she stops to charge as she drives up and down the country.

Keep your eyes peeled for episode 2 where Grace asks Glyn about his passion for the environment and road-tripping around Europe in his electric car.

Filmed in line with UK Government COVID guidelines. Information correct at 26/11/2021.

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