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We’ve got everything you need to go electric in one place. You can choose a car to lease, buy a smart home charger and sort your insurance too.

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Lease an electric car

Choose an electric car lease with ElectriX and CBVC to:

  • Choose your dream electric car – pick the car you want the way you want it
  • Plan your costs – fixed monthly payments
  • Go personal or business – lease in your own name or through your business
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Get a home charger

Top up your car at home with a smart charger.

  • Smart charging – schedule charges when you need them and when energy is cheapest
  • Easy installation – book an appointment with approved installers
  • Advanced charging tech – we’re working with smart charging experts 
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Insure your electric car

Insurance that's designed for electric cars.

  • If you run out of charge – recovery to the nearest charge point in the UK 
  • Electric car specific cover – including charging cables and wall boxes 
  • Battery cover – accidental damage, fire and theft, even if you’re leasing separately
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Is leasing right for me?

Find out if leasing is right for you.
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Ready to go greener and get an electric car?

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