Calculating the cost of running an electric car

The McGlynns calculate the cost of running their Nissan Leaf for a week 

Many people think it's too expensive to run an electric car, especially when it's in constant use.

So, we challenged the McGlynns to use their Nissan Leaf for their regular journeys – including the school run, gymnastics and swimming - for a week to see how much it cost them compared to their old petrol car.

This video was filmed in 2019 and running costs were correct at the time of filming.

Following the launch of the market’s first electric car insurance product LV= General Insurance (LV=GI), one of the UK’s largest car insurers, launched new research into electric cars to help bust some myths.

Calculating the costs of running an electric car video transcript

We're the McGlynns and we're helping LV= bust some myths about electric cars

Myth Busters, action!

I think we're a fairly typical family, there's a lot of dropping off, picking up.

General running around and that's just for Meg and Eli.

And I'm not sure how an electric car will keep up with all of that.

So this week we're going to put it to the test and see if it can keep up with our busy lifestyle.

So we're going to keep a running total for the week to see if it would save us money compared to our petrol car.

Let's get out then, here we go.

Right, time to hit the supermarket for the weekly shop.

Eli, time for swimming.

The kids do lots of activities and the miles soon start to add up.

Reverse into this space.

You ready to go yeah? Right, grab your swimming bag and let's go.

Come on Meg, you're going to be late for gymnastics. Let's go, come on.

It's been a busy week so it will be interesting to see if we've saved any money.

Right, shall we see how we got on this week?

Yeah. Shall we take a look.

Let's have a look. Ok, here we go. So this week we travelled a total of 120 miles.

That's quite far isn't it? So in a petrol car, that would have cost us £17.00. 

Right, let's see. In the electric car though, that cost us about £7.80.

Can either of you tell me what the difference is between the two?

Is it ... £9.20?

Shall we see? Ready? Total savings...

So, what are we going to spend our £9.20 on?

[Meg & Eli] Pizza! [Dad] Curry...

No dad! I guess we better go and get some pizza then.

Let's go get some pizza!

I can't believe how easily the electric car slotted into our lives.

and it was great to save some money along the way.

Thanks for watching our electric car journey.