Planning a road trip in an electric car

The McGlynn family take their Nissan Leaf on an adventure

Lots of people think electric cars can't be used for long journeys - not ideal if you're planning a road trip. 

So, we challenged the McGlynns to take their Nissan Leaf on a (rainy) adventure to see if there's any truth behind the myth...  

This video was filmed in 2019.

Following the launch of the market’s first electric car insurance product LV= General Insurance (LV=GI), one of the UK’s largest car insurers, launched new research into electric cars to help bust some myths.

Planning a road trip in an electric car video transcript

We're the McGlynns and we're helping LV= bust some myths about electric cars.

Myth Busters, action!

What are you making mum?

I'm making a picnic. Where do you think we're going to go today?

I don't know. We've got to see how far it can travel though so maybe.. Spain?

Haha, that would be nice wouldn't it?

Get a bit of sunshine?

Right, grab your coats.

Eli, grab the picnic.

We've got another myth!

Oh, what does it say? Have a look.

Our mission is to find out if they're right.

Ok, so it sounds like we're going to have to go quite a distance. Good job we packed a picnic isn't it?

Good job. Are you ready to go?

Yeah! Come on then, let's go.

We've decided to go to Ladybower in the Peak District which is one of our favourite spots.

This will be a good test actually because I'll have to try and pull away fairly quickly at this junction. There we go.

Ah that was dead easy.

Are we nearly there yet?

We've only been in the car for 10 minutes.

We'd heard people say an electric car was no good on the motorway but we've had no problems at all.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... L.

Erm, lamp post? Yeah.

Ok so we've just arrived. When we set off it was absolutely beautiful. I don't know if you can see but it is absolutely chucking it down now.

We are in a really beautiful place but typical British weather - it's awful.

We did bring our picnic but I think that's cancelled now and we're going to go and enjoy a nice pub lunch instead, in the dry.

We got another myth.

Oh let's see.

Erm, I'm going to go for 120 miles

I'm going to go with 150.

300 I think.

300? That's loads.

No it's never 300. No way, that is huge.

Some electric cars can go up to 300 miles and some can do even more.

Really? That is something I did not know.

It doesn't look like the weather's going to get any better so we're heading home.

Our day out has been a bit of a wash out, let's see if the car will get us back ok.

How many miles have we got left?


So it's lasting quite well.

So we've just been out. We've had a normal family day out, the car's been great and we didn't really notice anything different to be honest.