Checking out the UK charging network

The McGlynns check for charging points on their family day out

Many people worry about where they can charge an electric car and how long it'll take, especially on a long journey.

So, with the help of Zap Map route planner, we challenged the McGlynns to take their Nissan Leaf on a road trip up to see whether there was any truth behind the myth.

This video was filmed in 2019.

Following the launch of the market’s first electric car insurance product LV= General Insurance (LV=GI), one of the UK’s largest car insurers, launched new research into electric cars to help bust some myths.

Checking out the UK charging network video transcript

We're the McGlynns and we're helping LV= bust some myths about electric cars

Myth Busters, action!

So it's day 4 of the LV= challenge and we've been told to pack an overnight bag and we're going to find out where we're going to

So, we've been told we'll find out in the car exactly where we're going today, which is very exciting!

Another myth!

Oh, what does it say?

We're not going to get stranded are we mum?

No! We'll be fine

Oh, hang on, I've got a message. Let's see what it says.

Ok so we are going to grammy and grandads, that's exciting isn't it?

Actually, they're about an hour away so that will be interesting to see how easy it is to get there in an electric car, won't it?

I'll be dead interested to see how many charging points there are along the way

Ok, so I'm just going to have a quick look and see where the nearest charging points are on our way

Oh yeah there's loads look, we'll be fine. There's plenty

Shall we go? Yeah? Let's go, ok

We didn't charge the car fully overnight so we're stopping on the way to give it some more juice

We got another myth!

Well, let's find out

We're using a rapid charger, so that should speed things up nicely

So, we've been in the car about 45 minutes. The kids were getting a bit cranky so we thought it was a good time to stop and take a break

We looked on Zap Map actually for the nearest charging point and we found one really easy

Just like finding a petrol station if you don't know the area.

We found it, we pulled in, we've plugged in and now we're just about go and do some shopping so we'll see how we get on

Just been to the shops and we've been about an hour and I can see that we've charged up to 77 miles

Which I think is brilliant, it's actually nearly full charge for this model

We've got more than enough to get to where we're going and I think that's another myth busted

Right, time to get to my mum and dad's

We're here


Right, so what do you reckon kids? Did we bust that myth?

Yeah! And we didn't get stranded!

That's always good isn't it?

Can we go and see grammy now?

Yep, come on then. Let's go!