What kind of insurance do I need?

Do I need a special kind of insurance for my electric car?  

The great news is you don’t need specialist insurance for electric cars. But there are some extras that electric cars have – such as batteries. You’ll want to check your policy covers these too.  

What do I need to check?

If you’ve had car insurance before you’ll know some things come as standard and some cost more if you choose them. So it’s a good idea to check if your insurer covers: 

  • Taking you to a charge point if you run out of juice. 
  • If someone steals your charging cable or it gets damaged – they’re expensive to replace. 
  • Third parties - cover if you charge on the street and someone trips over your cable.
  • Batteries – this is really important right now because batteries are expensive. If you have an accident the battery sometimes needs replacing, even if it’s not damaged, so this is essential.  
  • Over the air updates. There are a few cars, including Tesla and Polestar, that get updates in the same way mobile phones do. Some insurers, including LV='s electric car insurance, cover you in case these affect how your car works but you do need to let them know when the first one happens. It’s one to watch out for as some insurers see this as a modification and won’t pay out.  
  • Hire car. Does your insurer guarantee you’ll get an electric car replacement rather than a petrol or diesel?   

And if you’re wondering who pays out if someone plugs in and pinches your electricity – that’s one to check with your home insurer. 

Want to learn more about insurance for electric cars? Read our interview with Alex HC Borgnis, Head of Motor Underwriting at LV= General Insurance

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