Swapping a petrol car for an electric car

The McGlynn family take delivery of their electric car

To help us bust some myths about electric cars we enlisted the help of the McGlynn family, who agreed to trade in their petrol-powered transportation for a fully-electric Nissan Leaf for two weeks. 

Would it be too slow? Take too long to charge? Too expensive to run? 

In our first episode, James, Jess, Meg and Eli take their new car out for a spin for the first time – check out what they made of it.

This video was filmed in 2019 when the government's deadline for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars was 2040. The new deadline is 2030.

Following the launch of the market’s first electric car insurance product LV= General Insurance (LV=GI), one of the UK’s largest car insurers, launched new research into electric cars to help bust some myths.

Swapping a petrol car for an electric car transcript

We're the McGlynns and we're helping LV= bust some myths about electric cars.

Myth Busters, action!

I don't know too much about electric cars. I did hear that they are banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. So, I mean, I guess electric's the way things are going.

We're a two car family, so that means two lots of tax, two lots of petrol. If there was a better way of doing things, a way that would save us money as a family then it's definitely something worth exploring I think.

I'm a little bit sceptical, I don't know if now's the right time to go fully electric. Oh, I'm really excited. I think it's going to be really interesting, I can't wait.

LV= have given us the chance to go fully electric for two full weeks and see if we can challenge some of the views about electric cars along the way, but first we're going to need a car.

Ok so the car has just arrived and we are going to go and check it out, are you excited kids? Yeah, let's go! Wow! Cool! Look at that, shall we go and have a look?

I was really excited to take the car out and see what it could do.

Shall we go in and take it for a ride?

There's an iPad in the back. What does it say?

Our mission is to decide if they're right. Right, well let's see what it can do.

It feels like it just glides across the road, it just feels like a normal car to be honest. It's quite nippy as well

Now I know people have said 'milk float' but I don't get that at all. I don't know what that means, what does that mean to drive a milk float? Like heavy? 

Yeah well they only go like 10 miles an hour don't they but this just is like...

Like driving a petrol car? Yes, I think it's really good.

Yeah? Ok, my turn. Pull over. We're setting off.

Actually I see what you mean, it pulls away really nicely doesn't it? It does. If someone said to you 'oh you're driving an electric car' and you imagine them little cars you get at theme parks.

Yeah the dodgems, Yeah that's what you expect and it's not like that.

[Meg] When's it my turn to drive? Haha, you have to be quite a bit bigger.

Ok so we're just back from our first trip out in the car.

Initial impressions... I was pleasantly surprised actually, I think I could definitely see myself driving one of these.